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Welcome to Lakshmi Ceramics, where your vision of an ideal space is not just a possibility but a guarantee, accessible to everyone. 

We and our partnership brands ethos are simple yet profound: To provide high-quality, affordable tiles across a vast collection, ensuring that every style, preference and budget is honoured.

Our exclusive selection of floor tiles at Lakshmi Ceramics, sourced from renowned global brands, brings you an unparalleled spectrum of options. As a leading tile flooring showroom, we help you transform the floors of your bathroom, kitchen and living room into canvases of personal expression and practical beauty. Explore our extensive range to find the perfect tiles that reflect your unique style and meet your functional needs.

Bathroom Floor Tiles – A Sanctuary Underfoot

In the intimate confines of your bathroom, every tile selection plays a pivotal role in crafting a space that’s both a retreat and a functional haven. At Lakshmi Ceramics, our bathroom floor tiles are thoughtfully chosen to offer you a sanctuary underfoot, where safety, comfort and style converge to create an oasis.

Our slip-resistant tiles ensure that each step is secure, bringing peace of mind to your daily rituals. From the soothing touch of matte finishes to the gentle grip of textured tiles, safety is seamlessly woven into the fabric of design. The moisture-rich environment of the bathroom demands materials that stand up to water and wear; our vitrified and ceramic options rise to the occasion, marrying durability with ease of maintenance.

Dive into a palette of colours where soft pastels evoke tranquillity and bold tones offer a burst of energy. Our designs range from the geometric intrigue of mosaic tiles, perfect for adding character to smaller spaces, to the serene simplicity of large-format tiles, lending a spacious feel to your bathroom.

Kitchen Floor Tiles – A Foundation for Culinary Exploration

The kitchen, a vibrant centre of daily life and culinary exploration, deserves a foundation that supports every slice, dice and delightful gathering. Lakshmi Ceramics presents a collection of kitchen floor tiles that cater to the demands of this dynamic space while feeding your design aspirations.

Our top brand’s offer floor tiles that are durable enough to withstand spills, stains and the scurry of feet, including options like stain-resistant vitrified and luxurious natural stone, ensuring your kitchen floor remains immaculate through the seasons of your life. The warmth of wood-look tiles brings cosiness to your culinary space, while innovative vinyl tiles offer a practical yet stylish alternative.

Living Room Floor Tiles – Setting the Stage for Life’s Moments 

Your living room, a stage for life’s most memorable moments, calls for a floor that reflects your style and withstands the passage of time. At Lakshmi Ceramics, a leading floor tile shop, our partner brands offer a selection of living room floor tiles that set the tone for a space that’s both inviting and impressively styled.

Our polished concrete and elegant marble-look tiles provide a sleek foundation for modern spaces, reflecting sophistication and spaciousness. For a touch of warmth and natural beauty, our collection of wood-look tiles offers the charm of hardwood without the upkeep, blending seamlessly with various decor styles.

Color plays a key role in setting your living room’s mood; choose from our vast palette to either soothe or invigorate your space. Patterns and sizes are your allies in personalising your floor, with everything from intricate designs that captivate to minimalist layouts that calm. Discover why we are one of the best floor tile stores for enhancing your living environment.