Durable and Highly Water-Resistant Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Elevate Your Bathroom with Stunning Wall Tiles

The choice of bathroom wall tiles can significantly impact both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. At Lakshmi Ceramics, we bridge the gap between your vision and reality through the extensive range of bathroom tile collections, curated from top brands around the globe.

Discover the Perfect Bathroom Wall Tile Material

The bathroom wall tile selection spans across ceramic, vitrified, glass and natural stone tiles, each with its distinct advantages. 

  • Durability & Water Resistance: Ceramic and Vitrified tiles offer unmatched durability and water resistance, ideal for humid bathrooms. 
  • Luminous Accents: Glass tiles bring a luminous quality, perfect for creating accent walls that catch the eye, while natural stone adds a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

Design Inspiration for Every Bathroom

Whether you’re envisioning a tranquil spa-like retreat or a vibrant, pattern-rich haven, our top brands tile collections caters to every aesthetic. Explore our gallery for inspiration, where the latest trends meet classic designs, helping you craft a space that reflects your unique taste.

Colour and Texture Choices

Navigate through the palette of colours, from soothing neutrals to bold hues, designed to set the perfect mood in your bathroom. The variety of textures, from sleek and smooth to rich and embossed, adds depth and character to your walls and floors.

Finishing Touches: Matte, Glossy, Textured

Choose from matte finishes for a sophisticated, non-slip surface, glossy finishes to brighten the space and give an illusion of expansiveness or textured finishes for added grip and visual interest. Each finish plays a crucial role in achieving the desired ambiance and functionality of your bathroom.

Sizing & Patterns for Optimal Design

Size matters when it comes to tile selection. The bathroom tile collections from our associated brands include everything from large-format tiles for a seamless look to smaller, decorative pieces ideal for creating intricate patterns. Our  guide helps you understand how different sizes and patterns can enhance or define various elements of your bathroom.

Safety First: Slip-Resistant Options 

Prioritising safety, our partnership brands offer a collection of slip-resistant tiles ensure peace of mind without compromising on style. Perfect for wet areas, these tiles provide the necessary grip, making your bathroom a safer space for all.

Ease of Maintenance

The tile collections are selected not only for their beauty but also for their ease of maintenance. With simple care routines, keep your bathroom looking pristine with minimal effort, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

Committed to sustainability, our brands offer eco-friendly tile options from top brands that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing style or durability.

Your Bathroom Wall Awaits – Transform it Today

Embark on a journey to transform your bathroom with Lakshmi Ceramics. Our curated selection, sourced from trusted brands, ensures that you find not just a tile but a solution tailored to your lifestyle, design preferences and practical needs. Discover the best tiles for bathroom walls at our store, where quality meets style to create the perfect space for you.


What type of tile is best for bathroom walls and floors?
For bathroom floors, vitrified and ceramic tiles are popular due to their durability and water resistance. Vitrified is denser and less porous, making it ideal for wet areas. Ceramic tiles offer a wide variety of designs and are more cost-effective. For walls, glass tiles can add a luminous quality, while natural stone tiles bring an organic, luxurious feel.

Are there specific tiles recommended for shower areas
Yes, in shower areas, it’s crucial to use tiles that have low water absorption rates, such as vitrified tiles. Additionally, choosing tiles with a textured or matte finish can provide extra slip resistance, enhancing safety in wet conditions.

How can I make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles?
To create the illusion of more space, consider using large-format tiles with minimal grout lines. Light-coloured tiles can also make the room feel airier and more open. Using the same tiles on walls and floors can create a seamless look that expands the space visually.

Can I use wood-look tiles in the bathroom?
Absolutely! Wood-look tiles are made from vitrified or ceramic, offering the warm aesthetic of wood while providing the moisture resistance necessary for bathroom environments. They’re a great way to achieve a natural look without the risk of water damage to actual wood.